Labor Law Updates:

In 2019, there were 60 mandatory Labor Law postings. So far, there are 20 updates for 2020.

There are plenty of online resources who will sell posters to you, provide you with new posters when updates occur, take on your subscription to remove the task from your plate to theirs. If you’re time-poor, this is a good option.

That said, the Department of Labor provides all required posters free of charge. Posting requirements vary by law, and not all employers are covered by each of DOL laws. Hence, to all employers may have to post a specific notice. Visit to step through the FirstStep Poster Advisor process to make sure you get specifically what your business needs by location.



Do I have to get new posters every year?

Yes. As labor laws change, posters are updated.

If I don’t have any employees, do I have to post labor law posters?

No. If you’re a sole proprietor with no employees, you’re not required to display labor law posters. At the point you have 1 employee or more, your requirements change.

Can I print my own posters?

Some, yes. Others are required to be a certain size. If your printer cannot accommodate the proper size, then you’ll need to acquire the proper poster/size.

Can I just put the posters in a binder rather than posting them?

No. Posters must be displayed.

Where do posters need to be displayed?

Posters must be in a conspicuous area where employees pass by, gather, take breaks, or other group areas where posters can easily be seen by any employee.

This is just a start. Your particular line of business, your employee population, your location will determine what you need to display and how it must be displayed. Visit the DOL website, or contact Cameron Associates with questions.

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