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Sound familiar?   


  • You have no idea how to begin to transition from one career or job to the next?  Or you need a new or updated resume                         

  • You're in transition, running in place, getting nowhere?  Sending lots of resumes with no replies?                               

  • Are you ready to invest your time, be daring, serious, determined? 

  • Do you need honest, frank, challenging input? 



As defined in Business Coaching & Mentoring for Dummies, “Coaching takes place...from short and medium shifts in performance to significant life transformation.  This sometimes requires a metaphorical demolition truck to pull down old patterns of belief and behaviors before co-creating new thinking and building blocks for growth.”* 


Defining the best strategy for your career and capturing it on your resume and social media profile means creating a strategy that is individual to you.  Coaching is intended to identify your strengths and preferences in industries and professions, analyze potential gaps, plan YOUR way forward, prepare for the journey, and get on your way.    


Cameron Associates will work with you with the following services:   

  • Prepare Resume/CV/Cover Letter (key word optimized in Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) resume scanning)

  • Prepare LinkedIn Profile to establish a focused online presence

  • Conduct Interview Coaching session/s

  • Develop Your “30-second Elevator Pitch”

  • Preference Assessment:  Preferred Skills, Work/Life Balance, Values, Career Constraints, Work Satisfiers, 'Ikigai'

  • Map Out Career Planning

  • Prepare for Career Transition & Development

  • Develop an Effective Network

  • LinkedIn training: how to 'work it' to optimize your visibility


Who are YOU?

  1. Executives find Cameron Associates provides a sounding board to challenge their status quo. 

  2. Professionals with at least 5 years in the job market find that a fresh set of eyes, asking critical questions provides the basis for a resume makeover. 

  3. Graduates (High School, VoTech Schools, College) find a competitive edge in uncovering relevant opportunities and develop the confidence and presentation needed to market their valuable skills as an asset to hiring managers. 


If you’re willing to do the work to reach your goals, we look forward to working with you to help you make it happen. 

*Chap. 1 in Business Coaching & Mentoring for Dummies, by Marie Taylor, & Steve Crabb, 9. Hoboken: John Wiley & Sons, 2017.

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