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Personal Recruiting: Your Dedicated Career Partner

Subscription-Based Flexible Managed Job Search

Tired or confused in the endless job hunt?  Let us take the lead with you and guide you to success with our comprehensive and flexible reverse recruiting services.  


Also known as a Reverse Recruiter, this is someone hired by you to manage as much of your job search as you choose, with a priority to help you reach your job-seeking goals.  A personal recruiter provides more than the documents to apply for a job (e.g., resume, cover letter, optimized professional social media profile).  Our objective is to work with you to secure your next job through a structured approach tailored to the support you need.  

Why Choose Cameron Associates? 

Expertise: Our team consists of seasoned career coaches and resume writers with extensive experience in many industries

Personalized Service: We tailor our approach and which services are provided to meet your specific career goals and needs

Proven Results: Our clients continue to secure jobs in competitive markets

How It Works: 

Initial Consultation

We start with an initial phone consultation to understand your career goals, experience, and preferences.  You provide information on where you are in your career, your job search, and what the next job looks like.  

Service Proposal Document

Following our consultation, you'll receive a service outline document to map out our strategy and deliverables, proposed schedule to collaborate and follow up regarding the status of our work in your job search.  The proposal content is based on your needs.  We have clients who want us to do as much work as possible for them, others who choose to do work they want to stay on top of, and others who hand over as much of the work and process to us.  Proposals always include updating your resume and optimizing your LinkedIn profile.  

Resume and LinkedIn Optimization

We ensure your resume and LinkedIn profile are optimized for ATS, showcasing your skills and experiences effectively.

Additional Services

Services to choose from include: Career Strategy, Personal Branding, Job Board Profiles, Networking

Job Applications

We target and apply for jobs on your behalf focusing on positions aligned to your career goals.  On a weekly basis, jobs matching your experience will be presented to you to choose which ads to have us apply to on your behalf.  Many clients also take on the actual application process themselves while we provide you with a resume (and cover letter if needed) targeting each job ad you are applying to. 

Interview Preparation

We provide thorough interview coaching and preparation to help you present your best, confident self to recruiters and employers.  

Weekly Progress Update

Stay informed with weekly updates on where we are in your job search. 

Proposed Duration, Monthly Subscription Cost

- We propose 6 months (subscription can be cancelled before then*)

- Monthly subscription cost: $475**

- Services outlined in the Proposal are provided

Get Started Today! 

Ready to take the next step in your career?  Contact us for a fee initial consultation to start your journey to advance your career with our personal (reverse) recruiting services.

* Cancellation must be received before billing for the next month; there is no pro rata billing for partial months and refunds are not available if you forget to cancel

** Engaging with us for the subscription, you agree that you have given us permission to bill on a monthly basis until your subscription is cancelled

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